Event Highlights

A Fresh Start-up Experience for EXP participants

NWS "EXP" Journey as NWS's flagship CSV programme, offers teenagers real-world learning experiences outside classroom.

This May, we brought our EXP participants from three schools, Lok Sin Tong Leung Chik Wai Memorial School, Buddhist Yip Kei Nam Memorial College, and Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School, to the Hong Kong Science Park. They got the chance to learn about next-gen technology and listen to the insights and stories from the management of four start-up companies, SOCIF, Dayta AI, Wada Bento and Fano Labs.

During the day, they also visited the Science Park's Experience Centre, where the immersive installations engaged them with learning opportunities about Hong Kong's innovation stories in the four strategic areas of AI & Robotics, Biomedical Technology, Data & Smart City, and FinTech.

It was an eye-opening experience for many of the EXP participants. One of the students, Kwan, shared that it was his first time visiting the Hong Kong Science Park and how it enabled him to get fresh insights into the innovative side of Hong Kong other than the traditional financial side. He looks forward to exploring more opportunities when it comes to deciding on his career direction in the future.