What is EXP?

EXP is the building blocks of EXPloration. EXPerience. EXPerimentation.

That is what NWS’s signature CSV (Creating Shared Value) program EXP Journey is all about. Beyond what books can teach and the four walls of a classroom, the EXP Journey brings students into the school of life. Leveraging New World Group’s ecosystem, the program offers a variety of career experiences for participants to connect with something new, find new sides of themselves and even discover their own calling. Keep EXPloring, EXPeriencing, EXPerimenting with us on this wonderful journey to your dream career.

To tailor an ideal learning journey for the participants of the NWS EXP Journey, we collected questionnaires from 160 EXP student members before the start of the journey (Dec 2020 to Feb 2021), indicating their preferred types of occupations, skills and job-hunting techniques. Part of the survey results are shown below:

Equip students with the necessary employability skills with regards to interpersonal relationships, public speaking, multi-lingual capacities and more.

Virtual/Physical field trips introduce participants to various facilities within the NWS ecosystem including the HKCEC, Hip Hing Construction and Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong.

Influencers and experts across industries and businesses share how to identify and fuse their passions and interests with work.

Introduction to the latest developments of up-and-coming industries such as modern logistics and innovation and technology.

Students may be rewarded with 1-on-1 job shadowing opportunities, where they can get a taste of working as an NWS staff member.

Participants will gain hands-on experience in a number of roles including as a pastry chef, coffee barista & e-commerce staff etc., under professional guidance.

^With limited quota


Apprentice Workshops – Pastry Chef Junior (7)

Physical Corporate Visits – ATL Logistic Centre Hong Kong (6)

1-1 Job Shadowing (6)

Physical Visit- CIC BIM Space (5)

Apprentice Workshops – Pastry Chef Junior

Chill Talk by EXP Mentor @Po Leung Kuk

Physical Corporate Visits – ATL Logistic Centre Hong Kong

Apprentice Workshops – Pastry Chef Junior

Chill Talk by EXP Mentor @Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long)

EXP – Fuel your Passion, Time for Action!

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