Event Highlights

Chill Talk to inspire to aspire

NWS “EXP” Journey has partnered with Hong Kong YWCA and hosted five Chill Talks by EXP Mentors in June and July this year. A total of 15 staff from different departments of NWS were invited to become mentors and share experiences from the world of work and interview tips. Nearly 140 EXP participants from five schools, Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School, Buddhist Yip Kei Nam Memorial College, Ju Ching Chu Secondary School(Yuen Long), Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School, and Buddhist Ho Nam Kam College joined.

The Chill Talk sharing session was hosted in small groups. Mentors took turns to talk to the EXP participants in each group, creating a casual yet more personal space for conversations. As a result, EXP participants were able to seek for more in-depth career advice and ask follow-up questions. Through the event, we hope to encourage our participants to explore the unlimited career opportunities ahead.

Reflecting on the Chill Talk sessions, EXP participants shared that they had gained many insights from the Mentors. One of the Mentors shared a story of how she re-built her confidence after failure and encouraged students not to be afraid to try. The Chill Talk sessions saw moments of laughter and joy as Mentors shared their stories and EXP participants talked about their perspectives and inspirations. Everyone is looking forward to the next round of Chill Talk sessions.