Event Highlights

A Healing Journey – Webinar on Creating Dustykid

As the first event of the NWS EXP Journey in 2022, a webinar on the creation of Dustykid took place in January. We would like to extend our gratitude to Dustykid’s creator, Rap Chan, who shared his journey to becoming a successful artist and entrepreneur with our EXP participants.

It was as a teenager that Rap first had the idea of creating Dustykid. Initially, Dustykid was created to accompany and encourage him through his highs and lows. After multiple attempts to build his business on Dustykid, he established it to become the success that we see today. Besides publishing books and hosting exhibitions in Hong Kong, Rap has also launched a wide range of products and runs a drinks store.

He encouraged our EXP participants to study hard and look farther ahead along the road before them. Even if they feel lost in mapping their future career plans, they should never be afraid, because after going round in circles for a while, realizing the right direction would become much simpler.

Rap also encouraged our participants to love themselves wholeheartedly as this is the easier way to gain happiness.