Event Highlights

Junior Barista – Fast Learner of Latte Art

Since NWS EXP Journey set sail last April, the program offered a variety of “Job-tasting” experiences for approximately 200 participants, enabling them to find their calling through EXPloration, EXPerience, and EXPerimentation.

After eight months of this flourishing journey, NWS Holdings hosted a “Level-up Reward – Latte Art Workshop” for 20 outstanding EXP participants at InFuse Specialty Coffee by Ideaology, located at K11 Atelier in Tsim Sha Tsui last December. Participants got the chance to try their hand at being a barista, which is one of the more popular occupations among youths today.

Not only did the EXP participants acquire basic knowledge about coffee, they also created their latte art. The instructor also shared her job experience. Some of the participants found the experience novel, while some mentioned that this was their first time trying Italian coffee. All in all, they were able to broaden their knowledge of the coffee industry and at the same time acquire a better understanding of the life of a barista.